Vivaldi 2.0

Le compositeur Max Richter tente un pari osé : soumettre les célébrissimes "Quatre saisons" de Vivaldi à une cure de rajeunissement radicale, avec la complicité de Daniel Hope, star du violon, et de l'orchestre l’Arte del mondo.

Dance Through The City With A Shape-Shifting Robot

Artist Matt Pyke and his team at Universal Everything are known for giving a human touch to the computer generated--infusing personality into everything from anthropomorphic abstract forms to colorful gliders.

ISS Startrails – TRONized

Back in the real word the ISS is in a way one of these solar ships, constantly rotating around us. A tiny white spot, as it can be seen racing over the sky from time to time, when illuminated by the sunset (and sunrise ;).

Beats Unraveled #7 by BINKBEATS: Bowls by Caribou

Binkbeats is an artist from the Netherlands whose covers of current artists such as Baths, Amon Tobin and Flying Lotus have gotten him accolades online. They're not just your ordinary cover - he performs them live in one take, with his ultimate aim being to hunt down the songs' sounds as closely as possible; and he consistently succeeds in putting his own creative spin on them.